Convenience over Quality…Why can’t we have both?

Have you ever ordered online and the item arrives and it looks nothing like the image? The idea of e-commerce brands have hit this generation hard and the term ‘fast-fashion’ has become the more convenient way to shop.

I have always been a believer in mixing high street fashion with luxury items. You shouldn’t be able to tell which items cost less, with the right selections you can blend the two flawlessly to create a look for every occasion. 

I find as a model I get to see first hand what garments are really sustainable and can certainly spot the items that will be edited in a way to appeal to the consumer. When you purchase online, make sure you can see the item from all possible angles, make sure you zoom-in on the item to check the quality of the material, the hemline, buttons, zips and overall finish of the garment, some items tend to look better from a distance.  


In my opinion only a small number of online only brands produce quality and affordable garments. It is normally one or the other and very rarely both. In comparison to thee most popular high street stores like H&M, & Other Stories, COS and ARKET all created by H&M Group.

Not forgetting vogue on trend collections at ZARA, Pull & Bear, Bershka and Stradivarius all created by Inditex. They will continue to strive and dominate the market because they have a ‘formula’ that works; sustainable items for affordable prices.

But The Shop Front is slowly becoming a thing of the past, relying on just foot traffic isn’t the best way to make a profit now and large fashion corporations around the world are beginning to close stores at a rapid pace. Why rent a high priced premises each month when you can rent a Pop-Up Shop for a day or two, creating a PR buzz for the brand and target the right customers who are loyal social media followers and desire the opportunity to get hold of the New-In items first.

Now this concept works extremely well for the brand and the consumer; it allows the opportunity for you as a customer to get up close and personal with the merchandise you normally have to zoom-in on via the web store, praying that they have your size in stock and hoping it will be available for next day delivery.

How amazing would it be if you purchased an item online, it arrived on the day it suppose to! Looked exactly like the image, fit well and lasted longer than one wear. If e-commerce clothing brands nailed this formula; they would become a real force to be reckoned with.

So keep in mind if you are purchasing items online; be prepared that it may not look or fit how you thought it would and returning an item via the post office is truly a nightmare to say the least but shopping online at home in your bathrobe and slippers or during your lunch break at work, is the future and will continue to be thee most convenient way to shop… So shop wisely!


Photo Credit Andrew TM