Embrace The Body You’re In

We live in a society that believes if a woman has a large cup size and her nipples are visible, it can only be depicted as sexual and not fashionable or artistic. I feel if the images are tasteful and within the right context, then a woman in every cup size should be able to post them on social media.

All women’s body types should be celebrated! 

As a free spirit, I believe in embracing those memorable times. The very moments you can express yourself through creativity and positive words of motivation. I think everyone should be encouraged to love the body they’re in.

If I am lucky enough when I am old and retired, sitting on a beach somewhere looking back on the years of my life, I want to have no regrets and not wonder what if!?!

The current generation struggle with separating pornography and reality. Men believe that sex should last as long as it does in a porno film and women use sex toys that make them climax in seconds. We are becoming less and less compatible as each generation passes.

But a female wearing glamorous lingerie is something that both genders can agree is a beautiful thing. Except women prefer comfortable lingerie that happens to be sexy and men prefer as little material as possible, which is often extremely uncomfortable.

Being sensual and feminine doesn’t mean you should be seen as vulnerable or pornographic and confined to what has been dictated to us in the past. As time moves on, we should continue to advocate equality and nipples on both genders can be provocative or artistic.

As long as you feel comfortable to express who you are, that is all that matters!


Photo Credit @preciousmuir

Lingerie set by Gossard