Future Perspex…

Do you remember when clear plastic shoes were reserved only for exotic dancers, kinky moments in the bedroom or your summer sandals during your childhood years…

Well clear perspex heels are back and bigger than ever!

The modern day twist on a simplistic design is available in all budgets; you can snap up a stylish and affordable pair online at Public Desire who offer a wide selection starting from £29.99. 

High street brand ZARA have a great range of clear heels pricing at £39.99-£69.99.

And thee luxurious most desired shoe brand Christian Louboutin start from £595So many beautiful options now available, it is like shoe heaven. 

I personally love this refined style, meshing material with plastic, if it’s done correctly it can look so chic and futuristic. The invisible transparent appearance elongates your legs, which we all love and can appreciate.

I think this current trend will remain relevant as perspex material is extremely durable. So it’s a worthwhile item to invest in. They’re also available in various heel sizes from flats, wedges to sky high platforms. Whatever your preference. 

Current fashion is not entirely new, it is mostly just reinvented and it was inevitable that this material would be taken and used in someway to become a “new ish trend”.

Sustainable fashion wins every time; investing in a pair of shoes that continues to look as good as it did when you purchased it, is one of thee most satisfying feelings ever.  

Top Tip ~ When purchasing a pair of clear shoes, make sure your toes fit comfortably, as the sight of squished toes through the transparent shoe, can spoil your whole look. And in the case of an open toe perspex design, try to make sure your heel or toes aren’t hanging over the shoe, never be embarrassed to go up half a size for a better fit.


Photo Credit Maisie Coulbert, Precious Muir & Joshua Baylis