Take time to smell the Roses.

St. Valentine’s Day is one of thee most romantic days of the year. Originally a Christian and Ancient Roman tradition that has become less religious and more commercial over time. Each generation still following the ancient traditional ways of expressing the love they have for their significant other with a special gift and poetry. 

The month of February is an explosion of red roses, balloons, chocolate covered treats and heart shaped candy. It is unavoidable and you can’t help but become apart of the love movement and just simply embrace it.

If cupid has failed you this year, it is a perfect time to treat yourself, self love is extremely important too. Why not have a spa day, go for a relaxing massage, a lovely manicure/pedicure and indulge in a bit of shopping. A nice new lace bra set or silk robe, lingerie shopping on Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, showing love to yourself and sharing that love towards your family and friends is also very important. Spend the day doing something you enjoy, with the people you love and care about.

Valentine’s Day can also put a lot of pressure on couples to plan something spectacular. This can cause unnecessary stress in your relationship. From my own personal experience, I think discussing and planning something together can eliminate any disappointment or certain expectations. This way you both are on the same page from the beginning.

I think investing in a couple of sexy lingerie items and beautiful vanilla scented candles, can set the mood for any night you have planned. The way the lingerie will look on you, the silk and satin material will feel wonderful against your skin and this is something you both can appreciate.

My best advice when selecting lingerie for Valentine’s Day, make sure the style and fit is correct for your body frame. The colour you select should compliment your complexion and try not to purchase all bright red items. You may want to invest in other colours that you could wear on a separate occasion for another fun night in. 

I have always embraced a day that celebrates something meaningful, it’s a great opportunity to give a cute card and gift that you take the time and effort to select, making sure the words in the card reflect just how you feel.

Be happy and carefree, why not soak in a bubble bath with a face mask on, it is one of thee best feelings in the world. Treat yourself, you will feel like a million dollars!!!

From me to you, have a great Valentine’s Day Everyone! x


Photo Credit ~ Jonni TM

Lingerie ~ Gossard UK

Makeup Artist ~ Luciana Andriano

Hair ~  Sleek Hair