A New York State of Mind.

New York City has a special place in my heart, I spent almost a decade of my life living in Manhattan and it’s a place I call my home away from home. 

There is just something about the energy in New York, that is unlike anywhere else in the world. The bright lights, the buzzing atmosphere, the social scene is like no other.

You quickly realise with hard work and determination in the big apple, anything is possible!

The fashion in NYC, encourages you to express your creative side more and to wear garments that are unique, to stand-out from the crowd. Talented designers with various different cultural backgrounds, have been allowed to blossom into greatness.

So much passion in the people, so much history on the island. You are exposed to a part of the world that is unfiltered, it can either make you or break you.

Travelling opens your mind up to new things, builds character and allows you to have stories to tell for the rest of your life.

Travelling comfortably for an 8 hour direct flight to JFK Airport is the best way to begin your trip. British Airways offer a number of direct flights leaving from LHR Airport, a full food and wine menu is onboard and a wide range of new released movies to watch and will keep you occupied until you land.

Halloween in New York is super exciting, from the traditional Halloween parade to an extravagant masquerade ball, private loft parties, and spectacular rooftop events happening all around the city, it is a full week of fun! Everyone makes a real effort to rock a great costume. This officially kicks off the winter holiday festivities that will lead up to Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years Eve.

The city skyline is one of the most amazing and memorable views in the world. When staying in New York, having a place with a view, will make all the difference. You want to truly feel apart of the city life. I stayed at the fabulous Times Square Edition Hotel, with great proximity to downtown via taxi or the subway. 

Seeing the view of Times Square, Central Park, The High Line or Battery Park are just a few good options to choose from and will make your trip that extra special.

During the holiday season, Radio City Music Hall have the traditional Rockettes show located near the Rockefeller Centre. If you enjoy a Broadway or off-broadway show, this is one to see.

Making that time to shop in the holiday sales is a must, you’ll find great Christmas gifts for your loved ones, Macy’s have great holiday sales, Saks have a great range of gifts sets that are only available during the Christmas season. You can find some unique items in Chelsea Market, that could be great stocking fillers.

Manhattan has a huge selection of restaurants with a wide range of cuisines from all over the world. My favourite hot spots to visit whilst in New York is Cipriani Downtown, Bagatelle NYC and Tao Downtown. You can take a walk and discover a new place to eat on every street in New York. I recommend being adventurous and trying something different everyday.  

My NYC fashion street style inspiration is Dior, I adore the check print in red and green. The check fringed wool dress by Dior costs £2,800. This pattern won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. So this could be a great investment piece, that you could wear again. I found two fabulous high street store versions that are both by Stradivarius, the long-sleeved check dress is £17.99 and the jacquard dress that I’m wearing is only £15.99 with a price tag like that, you could buy both! 




Enjoy the fall season, step out of your comfort zone, mix bold prints together and not just pairing it with solid colours.

You will be seeing a lot of variations of the check design not only on a classic shirt or scarf but you have the option to dress from head-to-toe in check. This is the perfect time of year for colour; merlot red, butterscotch, forest biome green, hazel, chicory coffee brown and galaxy blue are just some of the options to wear during this autumn/winter.

You’ll find layering with prints, is not only good for surviving the winter frost but will look remarkably stylish. 

If you are travelling to the big city this holiday season, have fun and be safe!

Enjoy the festive lights, holiday shopping, check-out the window displays and spend quality time with your loved ones, don’t forget to cherish those special moments as memories like this, will last a lifetime. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Photoshoot Photographer – Ritchie King